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Edge Of Tomorrow – Is it going to get a sequel or not?? Lets Find Out!!

It’s frustrating as “Edge of Tomorrow” is going to be on theatres was planned to be released in 2019, but then it got rescheduled. Now, It’s been planned to be released by 2021, Let’s try to dig a bit deeper about the whole thing and whether it’s happening or not. The movie is based on the novel “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which deals with the warring state of the whole world against the alien species. It’s been six years since the first part was released.

The filmmakers haven’t announced any official date of release. The only thing for now we have is the fact that the cast is going to have Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt on the side and the fact that the movie is in production. The script is ready as confirmed by the director Doug Limam and recently, the director has shared a pic on social media, which confirms the fact that the film has already started to begin it’s filming.

There could be an addition in the cast, and it’s being rumored that Bill Paxton could be a part of the upcoming sequel. Other than that, everything is still a mystery.
The plot is going to be very short, and it looks like the first part has already included a lot of significant parts of the story, but it seems that there could be another war that will decide the fate of humanity against aliens. There are still a lot of things that need to be answered, including the major plot and other crew members who are going to be on board for the sci-fi epic. So, at last, it came to the audience and their patients, but this movie is worth waiting for. Let’s see what we have in store in the future.