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Where has Legends of Tomorrow’s Sara been in season 5? Will we ever see Caity Lotz back in her role?

The fifth season of American television series Legends of Tomorrow has created a buzz among its fans. Characters from DC Comics form its base. It was premiered on 21st January 2020 and the season comprised of 15 episodes which include the special event produced for “The Crisis on Infinite Earths.” It is set in Arrowverse and shares continuity with other television series of the universe. It is a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash.

Where is Sara?

In the “Mortal Khanbat” of Legends of Tomorrow, the show features Genghis Khan as its villain of the week. For the two weeks, Sara was almost Absent from the legends of tomorrow. This makes fans wonder if something mysterious is happening with her?

Sara is directing!!!

Caity Lotz, the leading lady of Legends, who acted as Sara has directed her very first episode for season 5. For this, she needed a week to prepare and then a week to direct.
Working as an actor on the show is different from directing the show! Television moves quickly, and Caity Lotz had a lot to do very soon as a brand new director. She even faced some challenges during her time behind the camera. In a  rendezvous with Variety, she said,

“There was this one really cool insert shot that I wanted to get, and it was from underneath — putting the camera underneath and the glass was going to break on top of it — and just to set up that one shot, it took an hour to set it up and to get it. But then you’re on set going, ‘Should I have done that? I lost an hour to that one shot.’”

Caity Lotz faced difficulties on camera nevertheless, her efforts made the season five a classic hit.  The deep storyline of the plot saves it from feeling Sara’s absence.

We wish Caity Lotz will have a brilliant time behind the camera as she had on the screen!